Shas for Shidduchim 2018

Shas for Shidduchim

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The Chicago Chesed Fund, a nonprofit organization committed to helping Chicago’s Jewish families in crisis.


Every day, Jewish men and women around the world search for their perfect matches, but to no avail. The current Jewish dating landscape has been deemed by many as a “crisis,” leaving many singles feeling lost and dejected each passing day.

Additionally, newly engaged couples often lack the financial means to purchase starter furniture and other household basics.


With today’s host of meaningful campaigns vying for the same consumer attention, making a lasting impression has become increasingly difficult. Compounding this challenge is the organization’s location. As a Chicago-based community resource, connecting with consumers outside The Prairie State, especially many who’ve never heard of the organization, is a tall mountain to climb.

Goal: to help Jewish singles find their soul mates

Secondary goal: to raise money to provide newlyweds with necessary home essentials.


As an organization committed to helping fellow Jews in need, the Chicago Chesed Fund and Bottom Line developed an innovative national fundraising campaign to address today’s hurting singles. Held on the auspicious day of Tu B’shvat, “Shas For Shidduchim” would gather hundreds of lomdim for a 24-hour quest to complete shas on behalf of helping Klal Yisroel’s singles find their basherts.

How it worked?

Individuals would sponsor a blatt or mesechta of learning for the zchus of finding a shidduch and submit their names and/or the names of shidduch-seeking friends and family members. Lomdim would then dedicate their blatt, reserved in advance of the special day, in their honor.

To raise awareness for the campaign, Bottom Line employed a variety of media options.


Beginning with the campaign identity, Bottom Line established an attractive color scheme, using pink, blue and navy tones. A powerful logo summed up the campaign at first glance, featuring the words, “2,711 Blatt. 24 Hours. The Zchus for a Shidduch.”


We created a seamless and vibrant website that provided an easy way for people to sponsor and learn more about the campaign, including links to several rabbinical sources that endorsed the power of Tu B’shvat and Limud HaTorah. The site also served as platform for lomdim to reserve their blatt of learning.


Leading up to the event, we sent sponsor reminders and program information to the organization’s supporters, as well as an independent list of targeted users throughout the country. This helped us gain impressions and spread awareness to various segments of the market. Things ramped up with less than a week left; we sent daily eBlasts to push home our message and drive responses.

Press Releases

To help build momentum, we crafted several press releases and articles that were distributed to online and print publications weekly.

Social Media

Bottom Line heavily promoted the campaign via social media platforms, including Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. In addition to the Chicago Chesed Fund’s personal accounts, content was distributed to highly popular accounts among the campaigns target market. (Think Simchaspot, OnlySimchas, etc.) To further broaden our reach, Bottom Line collaborated with notorious social media personality and content phenom, Kosher Guru, who created much needed noise surrounding the campaign and allowed us to tap into his slew of loyal followers. On the day of, he kept fans up-to-date and entertained with live coverage of the event.


Bottom Line created several quirky videos to highlight the campaign’s impact. These lighter messages helped balance the constant flow of ethos-centric communication and gave us a new way to connect with our audience.


Approximately 500 lomdim who reserved blatt in advance of the mystical day gathered in Chicago to complete shas for the zchus of helping singles swiftly meet their intended. All proceeds were donated exclusively to the Chicago Chesed Fund for the mitzvah of hachnasos kallah.

Following the completion of all 2,711 blatt, the community, as well as sponsors and lomdim representing various states, participated in a grand Siyum HaShas that featured a catered seudas mitzvah, live music, dancing and special divrei bracha from guest speakers, HaRav Shmuel Dishon, shlit”a, and HaRav Shmuel Fuerst, shlit”a.

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Shas for Shidduchim

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