Jewish Ethnic Marketing

Different groups of people will always need to be communicated with in different ways. Understanding what makes various types of people tick can go a long way in a successful marketing campaign that is attuned to and responsive to their needs.

The large concentration of Jews in New York, coupled with their rapidly growing birthrate, means that the Jewish population in New York has more voting and spending power than ever before.

As such, it would seem that the Orthodox Jewish population has increasing voting power – and is therefore a segment of the population that is worth shifting attention to in political marketing campaigns.

The team of skilled professionals at Bottom Line Marketing Group have over 2 decades of experience marketing to this segment of the population and have serviced scores of politicians, not for profit organizations and public cause campaigns. What’s more, they are staffed predominantly by people who understand this ethnic market’s cultural tendencies, sensitivities, changing needs and susceptibilities intimately – because they themselves are members of this niche community. We can help our community members connect with your message, gain their trust, educate them about what you have to offer, influence their opinions and ultimately, get their vote.

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