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Catapult Learning.

In A Class By Itself

The Challenge: (What our client needed)

Catapult Learning is the nation’s leading provider of educational services to public, charter, private and religious schools nationwide. Catapult’s 2,500 teachers serve more than 1,200 schools and 100,000 students, in 26 states across the nation. One of the crown jewels in the Catapult Learning Empire is its Lakewood program, where it provides services to many private schools. With Board of Education contracts coming up for renewal and a slew of new competitors in the market, Catapult brought in Bottom Line Marketing Group to help retain market share.

Our Strategy: (What Bottom Line did)

Bottom Line launched a targeted, multi-channel advertising, marketing and public relations campaign to reach principals, community leaders, parents and teachers. The campaign consisted of creative print advertising in local newspapers, print newsletters, press releases and direct mail.

The Result: (How the client benefited)

The campaign gave Catapult Learning the opportunity to respond to critics in the community, get its own message out and communicate to decision makers why they were the best solutions for Lakewood schools. The campaign had a significant impact in helping Catapult sign up the vast majority of schools in the district.

Catapult Learning

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