Bottom Line Introduces Acheinu To The World

The Challenge: (What Our Client Needed)

Guided by Gedolei Yisrael, Acheinu is a kiruv movement that was founded 18 years ago to bridge the wide gap separating so many Israeli children from the beauty of their mesorah. Staffed by B’nei Torah who are trained in the latest kiruv techniques, Acheinu has had tremendous success and obvious Siyata d’Shmaya in attaining its goals. More than 90% of its charges continue to attend yeshivos and Bais Yaakovs. In 2004, Bottom Line joined forces with Acheinu to take this amazing organization – which was virtually unknown outside Israel – and connect with the hearts and minds of donors in the United States.

Our Strategy: (What Bottom Line Did)

Bottom Line created all technical and relationship fundraising marketing materials for the organization in North America. A long-term strategic marketing and fundraising plan was developed around the organization’s mission and identity.

The plan uses the following multi-marketing channels throughout the year:
– Direct mail (including the popular annual Acheinu Gedolim Calendar), print and radio advertising, newspaper inserts and public relations.
– Acheinu’s Annual Lakewood Asifa, which draws a massive crowd of close to 1,500 people in Bais Faiga Hall.
– Relationship marketing materials developed to assist the Executive Director of Acheinu in leveraging the excitement surrounding events and personal solicitations of large donors.
– Lectures, parlor meetings and other events.
– Promotion of Acheinu’s International Kiruv Conference.

The Result: (How the Client Benefitted)

Through events, ongoing branding, relationship and technical fundraising, Acheinu built a nucleus containing thousands of loyal donors – developed from the ground up. Ongoing fundraising and awareness campaigns continue to help support Acheinu’s important work and cement the organization’s leadership position in kiruv.


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